The Company

Jessica’s Dance company opened in August 2008, and has grown quickly over the past 4 years. Jessica’s Dance Companies offers classes for all ages and abilities. The dance curriculum consists of Ballet,Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, and Acrobatics. We also offer special pre-ballerina classes for 2 year olds and pre-school programs for 3-4 year olds. Jessica’s Dance Company focuses on proper technique, poise, sportsmanship, self-discipline, encouragement, and confidence. We also added Taekwondo to our curriculum this year. Our goal is to become a place where all aspects of the family can participate. Here at Jessica’s Dance Company we consider every child a gift and we are thankful for the opportunity to spread our love and passion of dance on to the next generation. We hope that we will encourage others to always do their best in whatever they do and never give up on a challenge. We want to have an open door to our dancers and parents. If there is ever a question or problem we want you to feel free to discuss anything with us. You not only are our dancers, but more of an extended family. Jessica’s Dance Company started in 2009 with their first competition squad “JDC Company Dancers”. These girls were chosen based on their commitment to classes, encouragement of others, and respect to each other. These girls have worked very hard this year and we are proud of their accomplishments. JDC will continue competing this coming year and girls will be chosen from try-outs held in May. This team will compete regionally and perform at various local events. As well as participate in Charity fundraising and events to build not only dancers but ambassadors for our community.

Company Dancers

JDC Company Dancers were chosen through auditions. They are required to take a minimum of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz along with any other class that may be required for their company dances. They practice throughout the weekdays and on weekends and travel out of state and statewide to compete and take master classes.
2012-2012 Company Dancers
Ashlyn Hollander
Haley Barker
Kandon Neal
Mckenzie Mathis
Morgan Plattsmier
Madison Tucker
Bailey Kelley
Kaylee Reed
Alli Billings
Jeri Waldrup

General Information

Visitors:  In order to make class time more productive for everyone, we do not allow visitors in any of our classes.  We are better able to encourage your child’s full concentration in this way.  The only exception to this rule, are the special visitor days of which you will be notified in advance.


Promotion:  All classes are taught on a graded system with each child progressing at her/his own speed and ability.  Students are not always promoted by class, but are placed individually each year.  If needed, adjustments will be made during the year.


Absences/Attendance:  No refunds or deductions are given for missed classes.  Any class that is missed may be made up in another class.  Regular attendance is essential if your child is to make progress.  Please try not to miss class unless absolutely necessary.


Drop Off and Pick Up:  Students should not be brought to the studio more than 10 minutes before their scheduled class time and should be picked up immediately following class dismissal.  In general, JDC will open 30 minutes before the first scheduled class of the day. If your child is not picked up within 15 minutes of the last class of the day there will be a $10 fee added to your account.


Dance Attire:  Proper dance attire is important and will be strictly enforced.  Both ballet and tap shoes are to be secured by elastic.  Names should be written in all shoes.  All students must have their hair neatly tied back away from their face.  Students will not be allowed to participate in class unless dressed properly.

Shoes All tap classes -Tan tap shoes. If they are not able to tie shoes on their own then they must have elastic tap ties. Shoes may be painted. You may wear JDC shorts or capris and tan tights.   All Ballet classes- Pink ballet shoes. Pee wee, Junior, and Senior levels split sole ballet shoes and hair in bun or bun holder. No cover ups allowed. Must wear pink tights and black JDC leotard.  All Jazz classes- black slip on jazz shoes. Pee Wee, Junior, Senior levels Pedini style.May wear JDC shorts, capris, pants, and tops.  Modern- tan dance pawz (does not have to be this brand). Same attire as ballet. HipHop- clean tennis shoes or jazz shoes. Same attire as jazz. May wear sweat pants


NEW for the 2012-2013 YEAR.We will now have dance class uniforms. You will be fitted for these at the studio and will order directly through JDC. Your child will not be allowed to participate in any class if they are not in proper JDC uniform. There will be a few options to fit all ages and sizes.


Mrs. Jessica Mason-owner/director

Miss Jessica began dancing at the age of two, she has known since that this would always be a part of her life. She began studying all different areas of dance from Ballet, Tap ,Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, and Baton. Jessica began competing at the age of eleven and continued throughout her high school years. As a student, Jessica competed throughout different states and won many gold and platinum awards. Jessica has danced under many nationally known choreographers. Jessica began student teaching at the age of ten and continued throughout high school even teaching her own tap class before graduating. Jessica has performed at The Panoply Arts Festival, Madison Street Festival, Horizon Elementary Festival, The Jamie Cooper Show on WAAY-TV, and even at Walt Disney World. Aside from dancing Miss Jessica was also a part of the Junior varisty cheerleading squad her 8th grade year and the  Varsity Cheerleading squad her Freshmen year.
Miss Jessica is a 2003 graduate of Westminster Christian Academy, she believes in holding a higher standard in what is appropriate for children to be doing with the art of dance. After graduating, Jessica realized that dance would always be something she wanted in her life. She has now become a Certified Briadl Consultant and has started her own business Tutu Cute Gifts. She had also become Office Manager at a Major Physical Therapy Center at the young age of 19. Through all of this she still felt something was missing, so she decided she had to return to her life’s dream of becoming a dance teacher. She then opened Jessica’s Dance Company and started her dream.
Aside from teaching children the art of dance, Jessica is proud wife of Matt Mason and mother of 3 year old Lane Austin Mason and 1 year old Dylan Chase Mason. Jessica believes that a solid backgound in dance has helped her accomplish many of her own goals in life and hopes that each of her students can utilize their dance training as a stepping stone to reach their own goals. “Dance from one stage to the next.”-unknown
Mrs. Kristi Henry-Kristi started dancing at The Dance Company, Inc in 1992.  She
transferred to North Alabama Dance Studio in 1996 to finish the last 9
years of her dancing career. At NADC, Kristi competed in many dance
competitions including Dance Masters of America and Panoply
Choreography competition. Also, she attended several workshops and
master classes on a yearly basis. Kristi won a full scholarship to
attend the PSI Summer Sensation Workshop. She was a company member of Pointe Station, Inc (PSI) in 1997-2003, where she performed in ballets
such as NOAH! and Alabama Jubilee with various roles in each. She was
on the Bob Jones High School Varsity Dance Team the ‘03-‘04 and
‘04-‘05 seasons, where she performed at football and basketball games,
as well as regional and national dance team competitions.  During her
senior year, Kristi auditioned for the Universal Dance Association
(UDA) All-Stars and was selected to perform in the London New Year’s
Day Parade.

Kristi and her husband reside in Madison. She has her Bachelor of
Science in Business Administration in Finance from UAHuntsville, and
is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Finance at Florida
Institute of Technology.
Miss Christina Chen-Miss Christina a native of St. Louis, MO. She began her dance training at the age of 3 under the instruction of Susan LaTour at LaTour Dance Academy in Florissant,MO. She received training in ballet, tap, jazz, and began pointe at the early age of 10. She had the opportunity to dance with the St. Louis State Ballet Company in their annual production of The Nutcracker. She annually attended workshops with the St. Louis Ballet Company. In 1997 she moved to Huntsville and continued her training at Susan and Vicky’s Studio of Dance, Heidi Knight’s School of Dance and Grissom High School Dance program. She was in the Images Dance Ensemble at Grissom for three years under the instruction of Stephanie Braly. Miss Christina has participated in workshops from a wide array of natable instructors. Ballet from Birmingham Southern College faculty, Mira Popovich; modern dance from Keith Cross; hip hop from Desi Arnez and Wade Robson; ballet, jazz, musical theatre from Broadway Dance Centre with Tony Award choreographer of “Hairspray”. She has also participated in the annual Panoply Choreography Competition, Thespian Society, & Channel 19 Morning Show. Miss Christina’s Choreography has been awarded Gold & Platinum at regional and national competitions. She loves every moment of dance and looks forward to future dance projects, and is always striving to perfect her dance style and choregraphy. In addition to being a dance instructor, Christina graduated from Pivot Pointe Academy of Cosmetology and enjoys being a Hair Stylist.

Melody Reeves
Miss Melody started dancing at the age of 3 at Stage 3 Performing Arts Studio under instruction of Bobbie Hall and Pat Livingston in Huntsville. At the age of 5 she was chosen to compete which led her to first place at Regency and Dance Masters of America Competitions. She then began full training under Bobbie Hall and the staff of Community Ballet. Soon she was also training under such notable choreographers as: David Howard, Gus Giordano, Joe Tremaine, Mia Michaels, Wade Robson, Chris Judd, and Tyce Diorio and many more. Miss Melody is trained in: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, HipHop, Acrp, break-dancing, drama, baton twirling, modeling, music, and cheerleading. Miss Melody , her dancers/choreography have won many awards both regionally and nationally including overall, specialty, Teen Miss DMA, and 1st Runner-up Petite Miss DMA. She has also choreographed for fashion shows, local plays, and Hair shows. Miss Melody was chosen as one of the 1st original “Snake Charmers” for the Huntsville Vipers Arena Football Team.
After some time away at college, traveling with music festivals, and promoting/booking bands and art shows, Miss Melody began teaching at Primrose School of Learning where she taught mainly the three year old program. There she was able to widen her perspective on teaching children of all ages, social behaviors, and mental capacities. She was even a nanny for threee wonderful families. Miss Melody is so happy to be a part of a new dance company and so excited to share her knowledge and love of dance with new students!